The Sentinelle Vanguard™ system allows healthcare providers to take advantage of several different technologies that are not available in traditional tabletop coils.

Sentinelle Vanguard for GE

In today’s environment, MR workflow is a critical consideration. Sentinelle’s swappable breast imaging table provides maximum access to the breast for easy positioning and intervention. It also provides the ability to prepare patients outside the MR suite while other patients are being scanned, increasing overall process efficiency.

The Vanguard Breast MR Auxiliary Table™ with 8-channel coil array transforms the GE MRI into a dedicated system for Breast MR imaging and intervention. Visit the GE Vanguard page.

Sentinelle Vanguard for MAGNETOM™ Avanto, MAGNETOM Espree and MAGNETOM Symphony

In open bore MRI systems, Sentinelle’s customized riser allows healthcare providers to take advantage of the additional room. It also allows complete cranial-caudal access and lateral access to the breast for positioning. Patient size is not a constraint and the openness reduces the anxiety of patients. This innovative design improves accuracy and optimizes outcomes. Visit the Siemens Vanguard page.

Sentinelle Vanguard™ for Toshiba

The Sentinelle Vanguard for Toshiba leverages an innovative patient support design with unique Variable Coil Geometry™ to transform your Toshiba MRI into a dedicated system for breast MR imaging and intervention. With features not available in traditional breast MRI coils, this next-generation system optimizes imaging and access, patient care and comfort, and practice efficiency. Visit the Toshiba Vanguard page.


Sentinelle Medical’s Navigation offers a multi-modality approach to interactive image viewing and device guidance. Navigation simultaneously displays views of real-time ultrasound images alongside corresponding images from a previously acquired 3D DICOM dataset (e.g. MRI). Combining modalities yields more dependable results, in less time. Visit the Navigation page.


This innovative software allows radiologists to analyze breast MR images and confidently guide interventional procedures. The intuitive user interface promotes predictable and efficient interventions. Visit the Software page.

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