Improve visualization and increase diagnostic options by combining ultrasound imaging with MRI technology.

Sentinelle Medical’s Navigation offers a multi-modality approach to interactive image viewing and device guidance. Navigation simultaneously displays views of real-time ultrasound images alongside corresponding images from a previously acquired 3D DICOM dataset (e.g. MRI).

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  • Multi-modality technology is particularly useful for locating regions that are well visualized using MRI but difficult to locate with ultrasound.
  • Various modalities are supported: combine real-time ultrasound imaging with a previously acquired 3D DICOM dataset (MRI, CT).
  • Navigation’s interactive targeting guide provides feedback to the operator, describing required movement of the ultrasound transducer to locate any user selected target that can be seen in an MRI dataset.

Platform Independent Navigation

Combine Sentinelle’s Navigation solution with existing ultrasound machines. Our technology is compatible with most commercially available ultrasound systems.

  1. Aegis Navigation software displaying MR guidance
  2. Ultrasound display
  3. Tracked ultrasound transducer
  4. Optical camera

Optimizing Image Quality and Workflow

  • Increase diagnostic confidence with precise spatial correlation of MR/CT and ultrasound images in real-time.
  • Improve your ability to locate small and poorly visualized regions using ultrasound, and increase throughput on imaging resources.
  • Real-time 3D rendering of the tissue helps to orient the user relative to the patient’s anatomy.
  • Aegis Navigation software built on the Aegis 3D advanced imaging platform leverages powerful image processing functionality.
  • Compatible with all other Aegis plug-ins, enabling features such as registration of reconstructions (e.g. DCE colour maps) to real-time ultrasound images.
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