Aegis is Sentinelle’s powerful platform for image analysis. This revolutionary system from Sentinelle Medical was developed from the ground up with the distinct needs of healthcare professionals in mind, offering flexibility and workflow efficiency.

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Truly Revolutionary Web Technology

Truly Revolutionary Web TechnologyAegis takes advantage of a breakthrough new technology, PureWeb™. This truly zero footprint solution provides unlimited and real-time access to images in a hospital environment. It has all the 4D image manipulation functionality available in our workstation system but requires no software download and no patient data download, which reduces patient data confidentiality concerns. Zero footprint access through a web browser means that Aegis Web is:

  • Independent of hardware: runs on any computer with a network connection,
  • Independent of software operating system: runs on Windows, Mac or Unix,
  • Runs anywhere there is a Web browser (including Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox).
  • Has the lowest bandwidth requirement of any web-based technology.

Aegis Web helps scale your radiology business

Aegis Web helps to scale up your reading service to multiple hospital satellite sites, improving accessibility and facilitating communication of reports with referring physicians.

Launching from any web browser facilitates integration with other hospital systems.

Fast image loading and display

Fast image loading and displayAegis is quick and easy to set-up. First images load within seconds and image manipulation is enabled through intuitive user interface buttons and keyboard shortcuts.

Users control their workflow through easily configurable yet powerful hanging protocols that save all relevant image states. Multiple layouts are available for single or dual monitor display.

4D Processing on-the fly

4D Processing on-the flyAegis Breast leverages Aegis’s state of the art graphics hardware acceleration to provide a unique real-time 4D experience:

4D = 3D + time

Process and display data through standard or arbitrary reformats in 2D, 3D, or 4D. A single click instantly changes reformat between:

  • 3D MIP, thin MIP, Solid
  • 2D Axial, Coronal, Sagittal
  • Arbitrary Radial reformat
  • Subtracted & non-subtracted
  • Slice and time stacking

Efficient multi-modality image navigation tools

Efficient multi-modality image navigation toolsAegis has a powerful set of tools to facilitate dynamic interaction with volumetric data including:

  • Spatial Reference Lines helps users correlate image slice position between various reformat views
  • Spatial Locator: display corresponding cursor position between different reformats of registered images
  • Sentinelle Smart Track helps to automate tracking of structures between 3D MIP and 2D MPR viewports based on image analysis
  • Radial reformatting provides better visualization of lesions and lesion to nipple alignment

Advanced 3D motion correction

Advanced 3D motion correctionSentinelle Medical’s 3D motion correction algorithm corrects for patient motion during dynamic image scans. Based on advanced optical flow technology, motion can be corrected either on the fly in 2D or preprocessed in 3D.

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