Sentinelle’s technology was developed by clinicians for clinicians. Our technology has evolved over ten years and more than 10000 patient trials.

Sentinelle Vanguard™ systems transform GE, Siemens and Toshiba MRIs into dedicated systems for breast MR imaging and intervention. The design of our systems uses several technologies not available in traditional tabletop coils.

Our technology provides health care professionals with:

High Image Quality

Achieve higher image quality by positioning the coils as close to the breast as possible. Sentinelle’s Variable Coil Geometry™ allows the healthcare provider to adjust positioning to each patient’s unique physiology, optimizing the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and resulting in improved spatial resolution. Visit the Variable Coil Geometry page for more information.

The Ability to Image All Relevant Areas of the Breast

Variable Coil Geometry makes it possible to properly image all quadrants of the breast, the axilla and up into the breast wall.

The Ability to Accommodate the Greatest Range of Breast and Patient Sizes

Breasts and patients come in many sizes. Variable Coil Geometry provides the ability to adjust for very small to very large breast sizes. Our Vanguard patient stretchers have also been designed to accommodate patients up to 160kg (350 lbs).

Ease of Access to the Breast

Sentinelle’s Vanguard table and table top systems leverage a unique cut-away design. Table top risers, modular coils and larger biopsy grids are designed to provide the greatest access to the breast, both medially and laterally, for ease and flexibility of positioning and intervention.

Improved Workflow in the MR Suite

Interchangeable tables (GE), accessible design for positioning, and improved SNR, provide opportunities to increase efficiencies in the MR suite.

Increased Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

The ergonomic design and visco-elastic padding of the Vanguard systems provide greater comfort throughout the procedure. Padding can be adjusted for each patient and the tabletop design allows the patient to position her arms at the side instead of over the head. This results in less extension of the breast muscle which increases the amount of the breast wall in the imaging cone.

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