Variable Coil Geometry

Enabling Better Image Quality

Critical to the success in detecting lesions in the breast is the quality of the image produced by the MRI. Many factors affect image quality, including the patient’s ability to remain motionless, and the system’s ability to closely image the breast. The Sentinelle system addresses both these challenges with great outcomes.

The Sentinelle Vanguardâ„¢ system uses a unique Variable Coil Geometry (VCG). Its design provides for prone access using a memory foam concept, positioning arches and a very comfortable sternum rest. A more comfortable patient equals less patient motion, often a challenge with current MRI tables. This reduced motion provides better image quality. VCG is even more successful in providing proximity to image the breast. Breast sizes differ from one patient to the other and also from one breast to another. Until the Sentinelle Vanguard, there was no way to manage these variables. The VCG allows close proximity of the breast resulting in higher Signal to Noise Ratio and better image quality. The VCG also allows for enhanced axilla coverage, which can detect lesions that may not be seen in conventional MRI tabletop coils. Better patient and disease management is the result of VCG.

Upgradability and Service

For fast and convenient repairs, the VCG coils are designed to be interchangeable by MR technologists. A site can order and replace coil components themselves with minimal downtime to the MR system and no need to coordinate a service visit.

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