“Thanks to the Sentinelle Vanguard breast coil design, now not only is signal optimized but unprecedented interventional access is available. Medial access is just as easy as lateral and my approach to a biopsy is determined only by the shortest skin to lesion distance.”

Dr. Daniel White, Radiologist, Mt. Carmel Hospitals, OH

“Sentinelle’s Variable Coil GeometryTM allows the coil to move medially, laterally, anteriorly and posteriorly. I have the flexibility to position the coil and biopsy grid where needed.”

Dr. Linda Frye, Radiologist, Pacific Breast Care, CA

“The intervention or access for biopsy is increased with the Sentinelle coil which allows me to do interventions for difficult, if not impossible to reach areas with other coils. In my opinion, I am able to provide the best care possible with minimal discomfort to my patients.”

Dr. Linda Frye, Radiologist, Pacific Breast Care, CA

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