Aegis with BRIGHT

“Aegis with Bright 2.0 provides a superior vehicle for image analysis, manipulation, interpretation and presentation.”

“In a side by side comparison with our current imaging software, Aegis with Bright 2.0 analyzed the data more rapidly and accurately, enabling increased confidence and expanded data presentation options.”

“3-D motion correction software improves the clarity and precision of the raw data, improving subtraction image quality, and allowing more accurate angiomap analysis. Real-time control of the angiomap data parameters has increased my understanding of what is being presented and in turn my diagnostic confidence.”

“Novel reconstruction options enable customized representation of the disease distribution to our referring physicians, and with this, a more rapid and intuitive transferal of the study results.”

Dr. Marcus Dill-Macky, RAD Ltd. AZ

“Aegis with Bright 2.0 Version 2 is one of the most user-friendly systems available. It’s extremely intuitive and flexible in terms of creating hanging protocols. The instantaneous 3D multi-planar recon ability is excellent. I can do it all on-the-fly. I can also dynamically change the thin MIP slice thickness without exiting the system and redesigning the protocol. In other software systems, I would have to wait up to 30 minutes.”

“Now that Aegis with Bright 2.0 Version 2 offers Breast Comparison functionality, I highly recommend the software for radiologists who do both axial and sagittal dynamic imaging. I can manipulate data instantaneously in 3D which is a big advantage.”

“It’s great that I can use a laptop to do interventional procedures. The software is very intuitive and it can be used to time stack procedural series to help verify needle position and target location. I just left mouse and scroll and I can see the trocar and lesion clearly which means biopsies are efficient and more accurate. Auto Interventional Views is an excellent new addition to the Aegis with Bright software capabilities.”

“Overall, Aegis with Bright 2.0 Version 2 is an extremely powerful imaging software solution for radiologists and breast cancer management.”

Dr. Daniel White, Radiologist, Mt. Carmel Hospitals, OH

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