Image Quality

“I have found (the Sentinelle Medical Vanguard breast coil) provides tremendous signal enabling me to improve the resolution of my imaging protocols while maintaining my temporal constraints.”

Dr. Daniel White, Radiologist, Mt. Carmel Hospitals, OH

“I have been using the Sentinelle Vanguard coil with my Siemens magnet for 6 months and I am very happy with the clarity of the images. I feel confident that I am seeing what I need for optimal patient analysis.”

Dr. Linda Frye, Radiologist, Pacific Breast Care, CA

“There is increased width of the (Siemens) bore so the patients are not as claustrophobic and nervous during the imaging. This means that they are able to stay still and we can get excellent images without the fear of a call-back to the clinic for a repeat procedure. Another feature that positively impacts the image quality is the comfortable padding and design of the coil. Our patients are less likely to move and shift during the MRI procedure which means decreased motion artifacts.”

Dr. Linda Frye, Radiologist, Pacific Breast Care, CA

“This coil offers a significantly higher signal to noise than any prior coil from any other vendor. This allows the use of higher parallel imaging factors for unsurpassable resolution.”

Dr. Mark Winkler, SDMI, NV

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