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“St. John’s Mercy Breast Center now offers patients more comfort with the Vanguard Table for breast MRI from Sentinelle Medical. The new table allows for better positioning of the breast for complete coverage during the MRI and cuts the time in half from 45 minutes to 25 minutes. It also improves the image quality for breast MRI, takes less time and improves accuracy of interventional procedures done with MRI on the breast biopsies and breast needle localizations.”

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Dr. Kerri Dias, Radiologist, St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, MO.

Michelle Warmbrodt was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer and experienced an MRI with the old table. “I kind of panicked a little bit. I was having trouble breathing and it got very warm. It was uncomfortable at the time with my arms over my head for a long time.” With the new table the patient is more comfortable and the time is cut in half.

Michelle Warmbrodt, Breast Cancer Survivor, St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, MO.

“Sentinelle, my hat is off to you. Thank you for providing a product which is enabling me to elevate the level of care that I can provide to my breast MRI patients.”

Dr. Daniel White, Radiologist, Mt. Carmel Hospitals, OH

“We are using the Vanguard coil with our Siemens magnet with this combination probably increasing our patient population for larger patients. With the larger bore of the magnet, we can image larger patients of greater body habitus and breast size.”

“Another feature that positively impacts the image quality is the comfortable padding and design of the coil. Our patients are less likely to move and shift during the MRI procedure which means decreased motion artifacts.”

Dr. Linda Frye, Radiologist, Pacific Breast Care, CA

“Since the addition of the Sentinelle Vanguard breast table, Northside Forsyth Hospital has been able to accommodate several patients who had previously been unable to have a breast MRI exam. In my 6 years of breast MRI experience, I am truly astonished by what the Sentinelle breast table has to offer our patients.”

“Not only is the patient comfort unmatched by any other breast coil that I have used, but the ease for the technologist in positioning the patient has enhanced the amount of breast tissue we can now image.”

“We have had numerous patients comment on their comfort and the faster scan times they have experienced with the new table.”

Trina Rust, Technologist, Northside Forsyth Hospital, GA

“A recent patient had gone to several facilities for breast MR imaging before visiting Northside Forsyth Hospital; each facility having to turn her away because they could not accommodate her 285 pound frame and size J breasts. Using the Sentinelle Vanguard breast table at Northside, we were able to complete this patient’s diagnostic bilateral breast scan.”

“The Sentinelle Vanguard table allows the radiologist to have the option for medial and lateral access during biopsies, which before was much more difficult to achieve. The patient (285 lbs, size J) said she was comfortable throughout the process and was happy to be able to have this test completed. It was a wonderful experience to be able to serve this patient while also giving the radiologists the optimal diagnostic image quality that they needed to interpret her images”.

Trina Rust, Technologist, Northside Forsyth Hospital, GA

“Sentinelle’s Vanguard technologies significantly improve the diagnostic capabilities and patient comfort for Breast MRI. Sentinelle has quickly gained recognition as a technology leader with its advanced ergonomic Vanguard design and adjustable visco-elastic padding that enables clinicians to achieve greater image resolution and improved patient management. With clear improvements to both the form and function of an MRI auxiliary table, it’s no wonder why the company has achieved tremendous growth within the emerging Breast MRI market”.

Frost and Sullivan, Industry Analyst Travis Chong,
2009 North American Excellence in Technology Award

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